Seen in my Local Newspaper

As soon as I turned the page and began to read the Editorial section, I was struck by the irony. My guess is that the editors couldn't even see it. Whether they were blinded by their bias or just too rushed to get their paper out, or for whatever other reason, there was an ironic juxtaposition that made me laugh out loud.

At the top of the Editorials page, the paper has some flag-waving, patriotic rhetoric about how they valiantly defend their First Amendment Rights. The lead editorial was fervently anti-Second Amendment.

I immediately thought to myself: "You dumb****s... don't you realize that if you don't have the Second Amendment, then you cannot defend the First?"

The reason that the First Amendment exists is because at one point in American History there were some folks that were willing to carry their guns with them, and TO USE THEM to protect their rights.

Whether you own a gun or not, it is in every Citizen's interest to protect the Second Amendment to the fullest extent possible. Doing so may protect a person that will protect you and your rights.