A Failure of Government

(This article is "opinion", and as such, it is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America)

The attacks upon the World Trade Center in New York, NY, and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., amply demonstrate that the government of the United States of America has failed in it's fundamental duty to Americans. It has failed to keep this country secure from invasion.

When a child fails to do what is required of them, they get punished. When the Government fails to do what is required of them, they are rewarded with more power.

We have a fundamental problem in the American System. As I see it, our Government is immature. I say that because it doesn't accept the responsibility for it's mistakes (acceptance of responsibility is an adult trait; juveniles blame others). American domestic policies framed this tragedy (by creating Regulations which prevented Citizens from lawfully defending themselves while flying). American foriegn policy has prompted it (by causing such extreme resentment that the more militant elements have attacked). Now the Government wants MORE power.

Rewarding a child for misbehaving produces more misbehavior. An Engineer would call this "Positive Feedback", and systems with "Positive Feedback" will fail catastrophically; what is required for a system to stabilize, and then run smoothly, is "Negative Feedback". At this point, there is little or no "Negative Feedback" in place to correct the mistakes of Governmnet. I'd like to see the correct kind of feedback placed into the system in order to avert the catastrophic failure of this country.

I'm calling for a change, right here and right now. If the Government makes a mistake, mete out the appropriate punishment. If a policy decision causes the waste of $10,000,000, then penalize the policymaker's next budget by $20,000,000. If a bureaucratic decision results in 426 deaths, let there be 426 deaths in the appropriate bureaucracy. Let "Violation of Campaign Promise" and "Subversion of the Constitution" become Capital Crimes, without any protection from a Statute of Limitations. Strip their legal protection and prosecute them for their criminal acts.

As harsh as this sounds, it will eventually become an obvious necessity, for without learning this sort of responsibility a government cannot become adult. Without adult attitudes in Government, every Citizen (and everyone that visits this country) faces increased risk.